The thick walled soundproof sewage system Skolan Safe®

New!!! The thick-walled low-noise system is now called Skolan Safe®!!!! It is complete solution for all demanding structural engineering projects. Now you can enjoy this innovative product with a high-quality soundproof building sewage system Skolan Safe®.

Skolan Safe® is the original system of soundproof plastic pipes and  fittings made of mineral fiber-reinforced polypropylene. Thanks to used material, the Skolan Safe® has exceptional sound insulation properties, the system is extremely durable and resistant to external conditions. The new patented 3 lip seal and material properties of the system guarantee easier and reliable installation, long, trouble-free and safe use.

Skolan Safe® can be used in a wide range of civil engineering applications: single and multi-family residential buildings, hospitals, hotels and many other facilities, wherever acoustic comfort is important.


Soundproof sewage system Skolan Safe® advantages

  • High level of noise attenuation.
  • 3 lip seal guarantees secure sealing, easier and more quickly installation than ever before.
  • SN8 kN/m2 ring stiffness class – BD (S16) area of application, – possibility of installation in a building or in the ground.
  • The smooth pipe inner and outer surface has excellent dirt-repellent properties which prevents additional incrustation, preventing deposit buildup.
  • Extremely thick walls (5,3 mm at DN 110) means that even in the most extreme conditions the system does not deform and retains its original shape.
  • Resistant to wastewater up to 95оC and to aggressive sewage with the values ranging from 2 pH to 12 pH.
  • Tightness of socket joining up to 4.5 bar (45 meter of water column), for dimension ≥ DN110.
  • B2 flammability class in accordance with DIN 4102.
  • Wide range of pipes and fittings: with diameters DN/OD 50, 75, 90, 110, 125, 160, 200 mm, the lengths of pipes from 150 till 3000 mm.
  • Made in Germany.
  • 25 year guarantee.
  • Environmentally compatible – Skolan Safe® is free of halogens and heavy metals and is 100% recyclable.