Sewage and drainage manholes system SC

It is plastic inspection chambers system widely used for maintenance and cleaning of rainwater, drainage and sanitary sewage systems. This system SC is easy and quick to install and compatible with other supplements of the external sewerage and drainage systems.

Sewage and drainage manholes system SC is resistant to mechanical impact, even at low temperatures, which improves significantly application properties.

Magnaplast offers 3 types of inspection chamber: DN315, DN400 and DN425.

A chamber comprises 3 basic elements:

  • a chamber base (straight-through or multi-inlet);
  • rising pipe (smooth or corrugated, depending on the system);
  • cast iron telescope or concrete cone with concrete cover.

Magnaplast chamber bases are made of PP and equipped with rubber gaskets mounted at the factory. Thanks to the internal smoothness of the chamber bases, the possibility of channel clogging has been eliminated.

A rising pipe can be a smooth sewerage pipe (type DN400) and corrugated pipe (type DN315 and DN425), depending on the type of chamber. Smooth rising pipes (type DN400) are made of polyvinylchloride (PVC), corrugated rising pipes (types DN315, DN425) – from polipropilene (PP).

The telescopic cover is an integrated element which connects the telescopic pipe with the cast iron cover. Depending on the inspection chamber location, a suitable cover is selected according to the needs of the technical design.

Magnaplast offers 3 classes of covers:

  • A – 1,5 T       Surfaces intended for pedestrian and cycle traffic only.
  • B – 12,5 T     Low intensity vehicle traffic (pavements, squares, car parking).
  • D – 40 T       High intensity vehicle traffic (roads, driveways).

For green areas and places not exposed to loads, it is permissible to use a non-class cover. In this case Magnaplast can offer polipropilene (PP) covers.

SC system advantages

  • Wide range.
  • Quick and easy mounting of elements.
  • Compatibility with other systems.
  • Internal smoothness of walls to prevent the build up of deposits.
  • High mechanical resistance.
  • Wide range of applications.
For download:SC catalogue