MAGNACOR outside sewerage system it is a system of corrugated pipes and fittings made of polypropylene (PP), meeting the requirements of the EN 13476-3 standard.

Components of the system are characterised by a double-wall structure, which an inner layer is smooth and an outer layer – corrugated. A double-layer construction means that is keeping high ring stiffness 8 kN/m2,  the system has high mechanical resistance, the weight is considerably lower, therefore it is easier to install and to transport in comparison with others sewerage systems. The smooth internal surface of the pipe ensures minimum resistance to flowing waste water, eliminates depositing sediments and guarantees hidraulic resistance year after year.

MAGNACOR system is produced in diameters from 200 to 600.

Magnacor system application

  • It is used to build non-pressure sewage systems, rainwater systems and drainage systems.
  • It is used to discharge sanitary and municipal wastewaters.
  • It is used to discharge water from car parking lots, roads, highways, airports and landfills.


Magnacor system advantages

  • High class of ring stiffness.
  • Low weight of pipes – PP pipes are more than two times lighter then pipes of other sewage systems, it is mean lower transport costs and much easier assembly in trenches.
  • Chemical resistance to waste waters within the range of pH 2 to 12, as well as against salt and means for road maintenance in winter.
  • Thermal resistance to waste waters of a temperature up to 95°C – for continuous flow, up to 130°C – for short-term flow.
  • High mechanical resistance at negative temperatures (even down to – 20°C), allowing conducting assembly work in winter.
  • High compression strength and impact resistance thanks to the pipe design and high quality of raw material.
  • Simple installation.
  • Easy to install in a concrete well, connect to existing sewer system with smooth wall.
  • Possibility to cut into sections of any length and easy ways of connections thanks to wide range of shaped fittings.
  • Resistance to chemical, biological and stress corrosion.
  • High longitudinal stiffness of pipe, easy for maintaining a constant slope in a trench.