The low noise indoor sewage system Ultra dB

Ultra db system – it is a complete system of pipes and fittings made of polypropylene (PP) with mineral components added. The pipes are characterized by structural walls: internal wall – in white color, an external wall – blue, smooth, dirt resistant, with permanent overprint of centimeter scale. The smooth internal surface in white color facilitates inspection.

Ultra dB system is made with following diameters 50, 75, 110, 125, 160 mm, the length of pipes – 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 mm. The material composition and wall thickness offer very high degree of sound insulation – noise level of 16 dB.


Ultra dB system application 

The system is used for construction of low-noise, non-pressure sanitary, rainwater and technological systems. Used especially for discharging domestic, communal and industrial wastewater having high aggressiveness levels, including high hydrogen sulphide concentrations, as well as high temperature sewage.


Ultra dB system advantages 

  • High level of sound insulation, thanks to structural walls of pipes made of polypropylene (PP) with natural additives. Noise level of 16 dB, confirmed by the tests carried out by Fraunhofer Institute at Stuttgart, in accordance with DIN 4109-10 standard, 3rd class of sound insulation is met for buildings with permanent stay of people.
  • Resistance to aggressive sewage with the values ranging from 2 pH to 12 pH.
  • High thermal resistance to maximum sewage temperature 90 °C with permanent flow, with peak temperature 95 °C achieved for the short-term flow.
  • High mechanical resistance at temperatures even down to -20 °C – consequently pipeline can be mounted in winter conditions.
  • Easy and effective assembly of the systems thanks to the application of overprint of centimeter scale on pipes. The pipes may be cut into sections of any length. Very simple methods of joining without special tools.
  • Very good hydraulics of sewage flow thanks to safeguarding perfectly smooth inner surface of pipes, preventing deposit buildup.
  • Three-lip sealing ring (from DN110) with a design which enhances noise damping and connection reliability.
  • Tightness of socket joining up to 4.5 bar (45 meter of water column).
  • Pipes DN110, DN125 and DN160 with SN8 kN/m2 ring stiffness class – BD (S16) area of application, -suitable for mounting indoors and underneath the structure in soil or in concrete.
  • 100 % recovery rate of raw materials used for production thanks to recyclability of pipes and fittings covered by the Ultra dB system.