Internal domestic sewage system HTplus

HTplus is a new generation sewage system designed to dispose domestic sewage and rainwater within the building.


HTplus system is made of improved formula plastic using polypropylene and natural components. A stabilized, heat resistant plastic from which the system is made is characterized by superior resistance to various effects including aggressive chemical substances and high and low temperature sewage. Pipes and fittings withstand a long-lasting flow of high temperature water, therefore these pipes and fittings are used domestically and wherever it is necessary to remove high temperature waste-water.


HTplus system application

  • Internal discharge of household sewage and storm-water and ventilation.
  • Discharge of high-temperature sewage (up to 95°C).
  • Resistance to corrosion and aggressive sewage ensures a broad scope of applications not only in residential buildings, but also in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Installations may be assembled in negative temperatures up to -10°C.


HTplus system properties

  • Pipes and fittings are one-layered, they have even wall thickness and are manufactured using raw materials of improved composition.
  • Reduced noise – tests according to DIN 12056 and DIN EN 1986-100 standards’ requirements that were conducted in Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics, Germany, have confirmed that the noise level does not exceed 26 dB(A).
  • High precision – an even surface of pipes and fittings does not allow accumulation of sediments on the walls of the pipes.
  • 100% processable pipes and fittings.
  • Simple and reliable joints of pipes and fittings with sealing mounted at the factory.
  • Simple and fast assembly – light weight and length scale on the pipes.
  • Fastening with holders with rubber sealing or standard plastic holders.
  • Wide selection of pipes and fittings: diameter ranges from DN 32 to DN 160 mm.
  • Compatibility with other internal sewage systems.