DR drainage system

DR system – it is a plastic pipes and fittings system, used for soil drainage. Excess water is a problem not for plants only, but also for foundation and cellar of the building. Therefore drainage is used in agriculture and in construction.

DR system application

Drainage system is required:

  • for areas with a high level groundwater;
  • when groundwater appeared during the excavation of soil beneath the foundation;
  • when around the building is a heterogeneous ground, watertight layers (for example, clay), due to which the groundwater does not irrigate and moisturize the walls.


Drainage pipes and fittings

Magnaplast offers 2 type of plastic corrugated drainage pipes:

  • PVC drainage pipes without filter – used for neutral ground.
  • PVC drainage pipe with geotextile filter – used for sandy ground.

Magnaplast offers drainage fittings made of polypropylene (PP): couplings, branches, bends, end caps, reducers.


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